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Dental equipment for little smiles

At SmileTown – Just Kids Dentistry we understand that a lot of our dental equipment can be worrisome for kids. As a kids only dentist we try to take away any of the undue stress by introducing our technology to all of our patients and by using specific child-sized dental equipment. Kids mouths are smaller so the machines we use should be too! The following are just some of the kid-friendly dental technology you will find at our dental offices:


Low Radiation emitting X-Ray Technology

We take pride in our ability to take digital x-rays of diagnostic quality on children as young as three years old at our Guelph, Cambridge and Waterloo SmileTown offices. Instead of having children put bulky, hard to place sensors in their mouth, our “spaceship” rotates around their head while they bite on a stick for 30 seconds. To make this less uncomfortable, your child will have the opportunity to be entertained and distracted while watching an iPad.This latest technology in digital radiography also has the added benefit of emitting less radiation than other forms of X-ray technology.

Xray: Planmeca Promax kids dental technology


Overhead Television

When your child is at our office for any dental treatment, their comfort is extremely important to us. We provide entertainment and movies while your child receives dental treatment through our ceiling-mounted TVs. This form of distraction has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress in fearful patients. In fact, the use of television has reduced the number of children needing more advanced behaviour management techniques.

TV on the ceiling for kids dental technology


Isolite systems allow us to remove any variables that can affect a procedure including moisture, contamination, tongue or cheek interference and lack of accessibility. This leads to a better quality restoration as we do not us a raincoat/ rubber dam during our treatment procedures. It also provides a more relaxed and quicker patient experience for our younger patients, which is important to us all.

isolite for kids dental technology

Mindray Anaesthetic Delivery System

The Mindray A5 Anaesthetic Delivery System is found in many operating rooms in North America. This system utilizes the latest in digital technology and allows us to offer the safest sedation options for our all dental patients. This equipment is static in our treatment room.

anaesthetic machine kids dental technology


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