About Us

SmileTown owners Dr. Campbell and Dr. Adams

Welcome to SmileTown

All three of our SmileTown – Just Kids Dentistry offices in CambridgeWaterloo and Guelph are committed to providing a receptive and sensitive kid-friendly dental environments for our patients. It is our goal to offer effective, predictable and successful oral health care for your child at every appointment. Our primary goal is to create a positive experience for your child and for you, while being completely transparent about our treatment plans and suggested oral care for your child. 

SmileTown came under new leadership earlier in 2021! We want to welcome Dr. Jonathan Campbell and Dr. Andrew Adams to the team. Both Dr. Campbell and Dr. Adams are certified Dental Anaesthesiologists.  

“We’ve long admired the SmileTown model of making dentistry super fun for children and are excited to ensure this continues. It is a privilege and honestly a lot of fun working with children,” Dr. Adams says. “We fully appreciate the trust and responsibility that parents bestow upon us in looking after the most important thing in their lives – their kids.”

Our highly trained staff and doctors work hard everyday to give our patients and their families more and more reasons to love SmileTown. We want your visit to the dentist to be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Here are just a few of the ways we make visiting our SmileTown kids dental offices unique:

  • Small tools for small mouths – children require special treatment at the dentist as their teeth are different than those of adults. Since we know and appreciate this, we have ensured that all of our equipment and dental tools are designed with a child’s mouth in mind. Big, bulky equipment can be scary and intimidating for kids, and that is the last thing we want to do.
  • Plenty of entertainment options – each of our three locations, SmileTown Guelph, SmileTown Waterloo and SmileTown Cambridge are full of exciting entertainment options for our patients. Depending on the location we offer a three-storey play structure, interactive floor, televisions to watch favourite shows during treatment, fishtanks and so much more!
  • Careful pacing for anxious kids – As adults we know if we are in a situation that causes us to become anxious, it is very easy for us to get overwhelmed. We do not want this for our patients. We take our appointments at a pace that allows kids to feel comfortable so they can understand everything that is happening and why it is happening.
  • Special program for children with Autism – We are very proud of our one-of-a-kind Autism program. Through this program we give kids the attention and experience they deserve at every appointment. SmileTown kids dentists are here to support you and your child to ensure they receive the best quality oral health care for years to come.
  • Four sedation and anaesthesia options – Every dental situation is different, which is why we offer different sedation and anaesthesia options for parents and children alike to choose from. We offer behavioural management techniques, conscious sedation (laughing gas), deep sedation and general anaesthesia. Our fully trained and certified dental anaesthesiologists are experts at these techniques and always put your child’s safety as their number one concern.
  • A kid-first attitude – We are a group of kids-only dentists. Our staff and experienced child-focused dentists have made it their mission to provide the safest, friendliest and overall best experience to all our of patients and their families.
  • Lots of humour, fun and goofiness – We don’t take ourselves too seriously here at SmileTown. When you are in our office you can expect to have a lot of fun! We are always making jokes and having a great time. After all, if we weren’t, would you and your child have any fun?

Mission Statement

At SmileTown we promote and provide optimal oral health care for children in a unique, collaborative, child friendly atmosphere.

  • Promote: we are here for our existing clients, to potential clients and to other dentists.
  • Provide: we offer re-care, restorative, orofacial development and behaviour management care.
  • Collaborative: we are a team of a variety of dental professionals working together.
  • Child Friendly: we offer equipment, play and treatment areas specific to children and their needs.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”  

  – Nelson Mandela      

Compnay policy against racism

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child. We are happy to answer any and all oral health questions you may have and we look forward to hearing from you.