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We are excited to announce that Guelph Children’s Dentistry is now the newest member of the SmileTown family! You can rest assured that nothing will be changing at the office, other than you and your children benefiting from everything that SmileTown has to offer. We are still committed to the original dream of Guelph Children’s Dentistry – to create a dental clinic designed with the well-being and happiness of children in mind. 

This vision means that every aspect of our office, from our hand-picked team, play area for the kids, all the way to the back of the office, was created in a way to put a smile on your child’s face. 

At SmileTown, we understand the importance of specialized oral care for children. We are receptive and sensitive to the individual needs of each of our patients and offer a diversity of services to ensure that your child receives successful oral treatment.

Guelph SmileTown Kids Dentists

In order to ease dental anxiety in children and improve the outcome of necessary dental procedures, SmileTown offers conscious sedation, deep sedation and general anaesthesia. Our combined experience in general dentistry, dental surgery and dental anaesthesia make us the number one choice for Guelph families in search of dental care for their children, including cleanings, consultations and fillings. Our in-depth understanding of a child’s development allows us to properly identify, diagnose and treat any oral health issues, and implement the most effective behaviour management techniques.

Make your child’s first or next, dental visit with Guelph SmileTown. We are the kids dentistry experts for Guelph, Ontario residents, providing children with positive dental experiences, a lifetime of strong teeth and exceptional oral health.

Please contact us at our office at 519-822-2273(CARE) with any of your questions you may have or to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to speaking with you.

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