If only dental visits
were this much fun
when you were a kid

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Our Cambridge and Waterloo offices are currently closed until further notice.

5 Meadowcreek Ln, Cambridge
545 Parkside Dr, Waterloo

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Experts at dealing with ALL kids

  • Kids traumatized by a previous bad experience
  • Active kids that can’t sit still
  • Uncooperative kids that don’t even want to open their mouths
  • Kids that are afraid of needles, tools, people or anything related to a visit.
  • A special program for children with Autism that uses familiar routines to ease them into enjoying the experience

- Info and Tips -

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    1st visit by 1st birthday

    Waiting till 3 is a myth. Half the kids we treat at 3 already have cavities.

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    Post-Treatment Problems

    Abscesses or fillings falling out after treatment are common problems in children but are easily avoided.

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    Four Behavior Management Solutions

    Conscious Sedation
    Deep Sedation
    General Anaesthesia

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Pediatric Dental Experts

- Meet the Dentists -

We have a unique team of specialists that provide a great experience for your child which means a great attitude towards dental health, and that means health teeth for life. Thank you for giving your child that gift!

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