Your Children's Teeth

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SmileTown – Just Kids Dentistry offers some of the most comprehensive dental treatments geared toward children. Our team of doctors have focused their careers on helping children receive the most caring and specialized dental care. We are always finding new ways to educate our patients and their families on all aspects of kids teeth including dentistry treatments and the importance of overall oral health. 

Please take a moment to watch the videos below about preventing cavities. We will look into how and why cavities develop, how SmileTown dentists fix kids teeth that do have cavities, the most common reasons children get cavities and most importantly – how to stop them. 

Because we also have highly trained dentist anaesthesiologists on staff, we also offer all levels of sleep dentistry from mild, conscious sedation to complete general anaesthesia. We have also prepared a video below about our sleep dentistry procedures and how we maintain safety during all treatments. 

If you ever have any questions our friendly team of kids dentists are always willing to meet with you to discuss how we can help. With our three convenient locations, SmileTown Waterloo, SmileTown Cambridge and SmileTown Guelph, we are here to serve you. 

Preventing Cavities Starts at Home by Keeping Your Kids Teeth Healthy and Strong

The Three Types of Cavities

3 Reasons why we Fix Baby Teeth

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment at one of our three locations in Cambridge, Waterloo or Guelph – your child’s smile will thank you that you did!

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