Consultations: What to Expect?

The importance of having a dental consultation

We understand how important it is for our patients and our patients’ families to feel completely comfortable and understand everything that is going on before, during and after all treatments. This is why we take the time required to meet with each and every patient to answer questions and develop a plan that is not only the best option for your child’s oral health, but for your child’s and your comfort level. At every consultation we will discuss the following:

  • Discuss and report all medication your child is currently taking, which will be completed on our private iPads for your privacy;
  • Depending on your location of either our Waterloo, Cambridge or Guelph SmileTown office, your child will be kept busy playing either in our three-storey play structures, interactive floor or our other child-friendly activities to remain stress-free and happy; 
  • We will determine on an individual basis if X-rays will be completed and provide you with reasons as to why we believe they should be done;
  • Consults are done in an open concept area with a doctor to keep the appointment as stress-free as possible;
  • Our examination and our observations of your child’s comfort level in our office will allow us to make a diagnosis, provide you with a treatment plan and make any behavioural management recommendations to assist with treatment going forward;
  • Please bring in a list of any questions or concerns you may have – we are always happy to discuss these with you. We want to ensure that you are fully aware of all treatment options and the agreed upon plan.  
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