Stickman Swing


Stickman Swing is a free puzzle game where you must act fast to swing the stickman past the finish line. If you thought stickman games were a thing of the past, then you’re terribly wrong. Play this modernized version of stickman games with a mobile-friendly screen. Your goal is to help this stickman swing and bounce his way to the finish line. This is a pinball-style game where you use the surroundings to toss around the stickman character until you beat the level. There are bars that he can bounce off and use to his advantage. Then there are circles that become swings when you click on the screen. Pass all the levels and unlock cool character skins like a ninja costume and superhero outfit. Hurry and play this fun and free puzzle game!


To play this free puzzle game, click on the screen whenever your stickman is close to a swing. A string will pop out and reach out to your stickman and swing him around. The longer you hold down on your click, the longer that string will keep him. If you let go, he will be swung in whatever direction he’s in. Your objective is to swing him across the finish line.