6 Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

6 tips for keeping your child’s teeth healthy

Though dental infections are largely preventable, unfortunately, they remain among the most common infections for children and toddlers. Parents need to prioritize promoting healthy dental habits from a very early age to prevent common oral issues like tooth decay and gum disease in kids.

This article will provide parents with six simple and practical tips for keeping their child’s smiles healthy, vibrant and disease-free — in addition to helping them create a stable foundation for a lifetime of good oral health: 

Six Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

1. Start Their Oral Health Journey Early 

It’s never too early to begin caring for your child’s oral health. As soon as your baby’s very first tooth erupts, they should have their first visit to the dentist.

During your baby’s first dental visit, the dentist will examine their mouth to check for any signs of tooth decay or other potential issues. They will also inform you about the best ways you can care for your baby’s teeth, including proper techniques for brushing/flossing and preventive treatment recommendations, and discussions regarding your baby’s feeding habits. 

At home, you should gently brush their newly erupted tooth or teeth twice a day using a small, soft-bristled toothbrush and a rice grain-sized amount of toothpaste. Additionally, wipe down your baby’s gums using a soft cloth or piece of gauze after each feeding. 

Furthermore, experts recommend that when a child reaches six months, babies stop consuming breast milk or formula at night or before bed and should never be sent to bed with a bottle. This tip is recommended because late-night nursing significantly increases a baby’s risk of tooth decay due to the sugary lactose.

2. Educate Your Child on Proper Oral Health Care

Teaching your child the importance of oral health care will play a fundamental role in helping them develop and maintain good habits well into adulthood. 

It will educate them about how not brushing and flossing their teeth daily can lead to tooth decay and cavities that require filling or gum disease that can lead to bleeding gums and bad breath. Your child will be much more motivated and inclined to stick to their daily oral hygiene routine if they know the consequences of neglect. 

3. Make Your Child’s Own Oral Health Care Journey Fun

Your child will also be more motivated to care for their smile if you help to make their oral health journey fun and exciting. 

Some simple ways to do this are to let your child pick out their toothbrush every three or so months and to create a reward system featuring a toothbrushing calendar with fun stickers marking the completion of each cleaning session. 

After receiving a week of stickers, play your child’s favourite game, or watch their favourite movie with them as a prize. Låt dig själv välja de bäst slots för din fritid också och njut av välförtjänta belöningar.

4. Set a Good Example

It’s true that “monkey see, monkey do” — especially regarding children. This form of mimicking is why it’s so important to practice what you preach in front of your child by actively taking care of your oral health. 

Brush your teeth twice daily for two full minutes, and floss once daily with your child to normalize the routine.

Additionally, visit the dentist regularly and schedule frequent visits for your child, as these routine check-ups and cleanings are critical for preventing and detecting oral health problems.

5. Supervise Your Child While They Clean Their Teeth

Furthermore, supervising your child’s at-home oral hygiene routine is crucial while they are too young to brush alone. When you think your child can clean their teeth without your help, you may stop assisting them. 

Your child should also ideally be using fluoride toothpaste, as this mineral is proven to strengthen the teeth and protect against tooth decay. Flossing should also begin as soon as your child’s dentist recommends it.

6. Limit Sugary or Processed Foods and Beverages in Your Child’s Diet

Sugary foods and drinks are a leading cause of tooth decay and cavities. This is why it’s vital to supply your child with a balanced diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruits, nuts, cheese/milk, other dairy products, meats, and fatty fish. 

Regarding beverages, skip the sugary fruit juices and sodas and supply your child with water when possible. Moreover, go beyond simply providing your child with these healthier alternatives, and encourage your child to choose them when they have the choice. 

Keeping your child’s smile healthy and strong requires a combination of efforts from encouraging good oral hygiene habits, supplying a balanced diet low in sugars, and keeping up with regular dental visits. By simply following these six valuable tips, you can help your child create a lifetime of good oral care habits and a healthy smile.

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