10 Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Clinic for Your Child

10 tips for choosing the right dental clinic for your child

As a parent, any decision you make regarding your children is a big one. As a result, when choosing a reliable family dentist, it’s necessary to take a few important factors into consideration. 

Here are the top 10 tips for choosing the right dental care clinic for your child.

1. Research credentials 

Make sure to conduct a little bit of research before choosing a select few dental clinics for consultations. Your dentist should have years of training, education, and experience in the dental services you are seeking for your child. Your dentist should have a degree in dentistry and be certified to practice dentistry in Canada.

2. Look at reviews 

Check online for good reviews. A high-quality dental office should have many positive reviews. Take a look to see what others have to say: Is the office clean? Are the staff members friendly and helpful? Will they be accommodating to you and your family’s specific dental needs? This should give you an idea of what to expect when visiting this dental office. 

3. Trust your gut

Parents have amazing instincts – so make sure to trust them. You and your child should feel completely comfortable during your consultation appointment. Not everyone loves going to the dentist. This is why it’s especially important for your child’s dentist to provide a warm, welcoming environment. 

4. Check business hours & availability

Take a look online to see the clinic’s operating hours. Some dental offices only operate during the weekday whereas others have hours over the weekend. It’s important to find a dentist office that will be easy to fit into your and your child’s busy schedule.

You will also want to ask how available they are. A busy, popular dental office may not have time in its schedule to accept new patients. If they are accepting new patients, ask how far in advance you need to schedule appointments. 

5. Assess their clinic values 

Look online to read their office’s core values. A great dentist will take a preventative, compassionate, and patient-oriented approach to dental care. Instead of just treating your dental concerns, they should help you prevent them from happening in the first place. 

Dental and oral health education is very important in the field of paediatrics. Preventing more complex procedures such as tooth extractions and fillings can save your child from having to undergo preventable discomfort. 

6. Are they located near you?

Location, location, location! We recommend you go to a dental office near your home, child’s school, or office. This can save you valuable time and travel expenses. 

Finding a dental office near you can also be critical in the case of dental emergencies. Accidents and injuries happen, especially since kids are very active and always on the move. Talk with your prospective specialist to learn more about their paediatric dental emergency care.

7. Make sure they accept your insurance 

Most offices accept major insurance company policies. Before spending money on a consultation, call ahead to ensure they will accept your insurance. If you do not currently have dental insurance, ask them about what other forms of payment they offer. Many dentists have pay out-of-pocket options and/or financial support

8. Get a referral

If you want to ensure your dentist is trustworthy and qualified to treat your child, speak with your primary care physician. Your family doctor will have a network of specialists they can connect you with. Alternatively, talk to your friends, family, and other parents in your area. A solid referral is a fantastic way to find a quality paediatric dentist. 

9. How up-to-date are their resources & technology?

Is the clinic up to date? Do they have resources to accommodate special needs and/or disabilities? Do they use cutting-edge technology and advanced dental services? These are all excellent questions to ask. 

Advanced dental technologies can make treatments much easier and more effective for your children. State-of-the-art tools are a sign your dentist has the resources needed to give the best care possible. 

10. Go for a visit

You don’t have to choose the first dentist you visit. It’s important to get the right fit not only for you but also for your child. Listen to your child and ask them what dentist they like. This will make future dental cleanings, x-rays, and other dental procedures much easier to perform. 

It’s hard to know for certain if you will have positive experiences with your dentist without first visiting them. They should treat you and your child with respect, kindness, and care. Additionally, this should be a safe space to ask any questions you have about paediatric dental care. 

For further information about the paediatric dental care services offered at SmileTown: Just Kids Dentistry, please contact us here. Our team of kind and caring dental staff warmly welcomes you and your family to Smile Town. 

We can’t wait to help your family maintain proper oral health and smile brightly!