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We carry equipment especially designed for curious short people with little mouths!

Xray: Planmeca Promax


We take pride in our ability to take x-rays of diagnostic quality on children as young as 2 yrs old. Instead of the child having to put bulky sensor in their mouth our “spaceship” is stationary and rotates around their head while they bite on a stick, for 30sec. Your child is entertained and distracted while watching an iPad.This latest technology in digital radiography also has the added benefit of emitting less radiation than other forms of X-ray technology.



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Overhead Television

The comfort of your child is of paramount importance to us. We provide entertainment and movies while your child receives dental treatment. This form of distraction has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress in fearful patients. In fact, the use of television has reduced the number of children needing more advanced behavior management techniques.







We use an Isolight system to maintain a dry clear environment so fillings can be placed in ideal conditions, leading to better quality restorations. We do not use a raincoat/rubber dam.








Anaesthetic Delivery System Replace Mindray

The Mindray A5 delivery system is found in many operating rooms in north america and utilizes the latest in digital technology. This equipment is static in our treatment room.

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