Kids Dentist in Kitchener, Ontario

A pediatric dentist can offer comprehensive oral care specifically suited to the needs of your child.

Just as you would take your child to a pediatrician to receive medical care, pediatric dentists undergo additional education and training to offer the highest standard of dental care for children.

Education, training and experience allow pediatric dentists to adequately diagnose and treat a child through all developmental stages. Dental care for children differs substantially from that of adults and, as such, pediatric dentists have the skills to deal with this area of dentistry.

Many parents and caregivers are unaware that this specialty area of dentistry exists and is available for their children. Pediatric dentists are trained in interacting and communicating with children for a positive and fun dental experience. As you will see below, they also have the tools to do so.

If you are in need of a pediatric dentist in the Kitchener area, Smile Town comes highly recommended. As you will see, we are a unique pediatric facility that is specifically designed for children – we offer comprehensive pediatric dental services, from consultations to fillings, and we also have a special program designed for children with autism.

Kitchener Dental Clinic

As stated above, Smile Town is a children’s dental clinic that only offers dental care for children.

Our pediatric dental specialists are professionals with years of experience in working with the range of children’s needs and with children of all ages. Our dentists are patient and caring – and are known for creating a fun dental experience with every single visit.

Our pediatric clinic is equipped with child-friendly technology and dentistry tools. Our clinic is highly interactive, designed to give children a fun dental experience, equipped with a three story play structure, an “eye click” interactive floor, screens with shows for kids, fish tanks and an interactive play center. Children come to realize that going to the dentist is fun and not at all scary, which allows them to develop healthy dental habits over time.

At Smile Town, we understand that our Kitchener patients are busy and in need of reliable and efficient dental services for their children. Smile Town aims to provide efficient dental services and avoid timely waits. We will also take care to accommodate your child as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

Our Dental Services:

Smile Town offers all aspects of pediatric dentistry, including:

Choose Smile Town for outstanding pediatric dental care, an advanced and interactive clinic and a fun dental experience for you child. Smile Town is conveniently located in Cambridge, Ontario. New patients are always welcome – no referral necessary.

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