Children’s Dentistry in Waterloo

Similarly to a pediatrician, pediatric dentists are specially trained to meet the unique needs of your child.

Pediatric dentists undergo additional education and training in the area of children’s dental health so that they can provide comprehensive dental care for children at various developmental stages.

Oral care for children is significantly different than adult oral care. Pediatric dentists can adequately assess your child’s teeth development and identify potential problems.

Many parents are surprised to learn that children can get cavities as soon as their first tooth erupts – in fact, early childhood caries is a very serious concern for dentists today.

Pediatric dentists offer tools and facilities that are specifically designed for children. Setting your child up for great dental health in the future begins with early, positive dental experiences. If your child has already developed a fear of the dentist, a pediatric dentist can apply behavioural modification techniques that ensure your child receives the oral care they need.

Children’s Dentistry in Waterloo, Ontario

Smile Town is a leading pediatric dental clinic near Waterloo, Ontario. Our pediatric dentists are dedicated to offering compassionate and fun dental care to children of all ages. Parents and caregivers are particularly fond of the fun environment we create during dental appointments.

Smile Town is able to work with children who may need additional care, whether they are particularly anxious about going to the dentist or because they are afraid of needles. Smile Town also has a special program for children with autism.

In addition to our team of pediatric dentists, Smile Town also offers an interactive pediatric dental clinic that sets itself apart from the rest. Smile Town is equipped with a large play structure, an interactive floor, kid’s television shows, fish tanks, and more. We also use the most advanced technology and equipment designed with children in mind, including tools designed for small mouths, overhead televisions that screen children’s shows, and many other entertainment options.

Our Dental Services:

Smile Town offers all aspects of pediatric dentistry, including:

Choose Smile Town for outstanding pediatric dental care, an advanced and interactive clinic and a fun dental experience for you child. Smile Town serves residents of Waterloo, Ontario. New patients are always welcome – no referral necessary.

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