What Should I Do If My Child Falls And Knocks Out A Tooth?

Some accidents are simply unavoidable, especially when children are involved. But knowing what to do in this situation can increase the likelihood that your child can save his or her tooth if it’s a permanent adult tooth. Above all, it is important to remain calm but act quickly.

Children's’ Fall-Related Tooth Loss

For Children Who Have Knocked Out a Permanent Adult Tooth

For a permanent adult tooth, the first thing you should try to do is to insert it into the socket again, but rinse the tooth with water first (but do not scrub it). When putting the tooth into your child’s mouth again, the key is to ensure that you are holding the tooth by the top (the crown) of the tooth and not the root because doing so can damage the tooth. If you are having trouble with this or if your child has swallowed his or her tooth, you should follow the next steps instead.

Place the tooth in a container of cold milk and make an emergency appointment with your dentist as quickly as possible. It is important to keep it moist. If you can get to the dentist within ten minutes, there’s a good possibility that the tooth will take root again. Your child will most likely be bleeding at this point, in which case you can have him or her rinse their mouth with water and then have them bite down on a piece of gauze.

For Children Who Have Knocked Out a Baby Tooth

For children who have lost a baby tooth, you want to keep the tooth moist by putting it in milk and visit the dentist as quickly as possible. Your dentist will determine the best course of action.

Note that if your child’s dentist is too far away, there are dental clinics that specialize in dental emergencies (at all hours) and will have no problems accommodating you. If that’s not an option, you might want to consider going to the dentist that is closest to you. Most dentists will reserve time in their schedules for dental emergencies like this one. Finally, a last option is to simply take your child to the emergency room at the hospital.

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