7 Reasons to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

7 Reasons to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Dentists like all medical professionals offer a wide range of services and areas of expertise. In fact, specialized dentistry covers many different areas including Orthodontics, Periodontics, and Pediatrics to name but a few. Because some areas of dentistry require additional education, it is often best to request treatment from a specialist. For example, it’s always best to choose a pediatric dentist for your kids. We offer valuable insight into the care of your children’s teeth while offering a more child-friendly environment for dental appointments. Here are seven reasons you should choose a pediatric dentist for kids.

1. Additional education

Although General Dental Practitioners offer treatment to patients of all ages, pediatric dentists have received additional education to treat children’s developing teeth. This education includes training in a dental office exclusive to children where the pediatric dentist uses their training in a clinical setting. We learn how to interact with children of all ages from infants to teens. We will also experience working with children with special needs.

Following our additional education, we are better prepared to manage the problems unique to children, including the complexities of teeth growth and development. This helps us to identify issues and provide effective preventative treatment. We also have experience dealing with children who might be afraid of the dentist. We can help keep children comfortable, so they don’t develop a dental phobia.

2. Child-friendly equipment

Although standard dental equipment can be used on children, our pediatric dental office uses smaller equipment which is suited for a child’s mouth. This means your child will be more comfortable during their appointments or when receiving treatment. Pediatric dentists also understand that dental equipment can be intimidating. We take the time to introduce children to the equipment so they understand how everything works and they feel more at ease.

3. Child-friendly offices

Dental offices today tend to have a very high-end look that is not always child-friendly. Our clinic is designed to be family-friendly, with décor that appeals to children. There are toys, games, and televisions in the waiting area and treatment rooms, so kids are occupied while waiting for their appointments. All of these features act as distractions for children, so they don’t feel nervous about their dental visits.

In fact, many children even look forward to their appointments, based on the pleasant experiences of their past appointments. Our staff are also very comfortable with kids and will make them feel very special and welcome at their appointments. By creating a friendly environment, kids will learn to appreciate the dentist and develop a healthy attitude towards dentistry for life.

4. Child-focused treatment

A pediatric dentist for kids focuses on preventative care to help keep your child’s teeth healthy. Treatments include:

  • Fluoride treatments with kid-friendly flavours
  • Dental sealants to prevent cavities
  • Four sedation options for nervous or fidgety kids
  • Dental x-rays for children
  • Custom mouthguards

5. Tips for parents

We believe teaching parents about the common issues associated with dental care can help keep children’s teeth healthier. We can assist with breaking bad habits like thumb-sucking and pacifier dependency, so kids easily adapt to changes that will improve dental health.

Tips about diet and nutrition help avoid issues such as enamel erosion and decay. Proper oral hygiene instruction is also key for the healthy long-term development of permanent teeth. All of these tips are designed to keep you up to date with age-appropriate changes so your children can enjoy optimum dental health.

6. Children with autism

Pediatric dental offices often specialize in treating patients who require special care. We have experience treating children with autism, so they enjoy a pleasant appointment and proper care. We set a schedule every 6-weeks, 8 weeks or 3-months based on their needs.

At each appointment, we allow 5-10 minutes of playtime so that they become comfortable before we come and greet them.

All of our appointments are based on 12-steps that are reflected on a PECS board. Our goal is to ensure your child always feels comfortable with what is happening. Special greetings in the play area allow time for your child to remember us. When your child comes back to the recall area, we make small talk, so patients are never rushed and have time to calm down before we begin.

We use the PECS board to help your child through the appointment, so have a visual guide showing how many steps they have completed and how many remain. Half of the steps are already completed by the time your child is in the chair. This shows them they are almost finished with their appointment.

Although we try to complete each step at every appointment, it is not uncommon for us to miss some steps. This is due to the cooperation of each child. Missing steps is okay. We focus on helping kids find each appointment easier. We hopefully complete an additional step every time they visit us.

This program has been very successful for numerous patients. You can choose to join us in the recall room or wait in the waiting room. It is what works best for you and your child.

Your child is also given a bag which includes a toothbrush, plastic mouth mirror, floss picks, and a colour copy of our PECS board. You and your child can familiarize yourselves with this routine at home, so you are ready for your next appointment. Kids also receive a gift when their appointment is complete.

7. Baby teeth treatment

We treat cavities for baby teeth based on some common issues, including:

  • Toddlers 14 months to 3-years old are prone to cavities on their front teeth, especially when they are breastfeeding on demand or fall asleep with a bottle or at the breast.
  • Three to five-year-old children sometimes require dental treatment for cavities on back teeth due to the pits and crevices on the molars.

A pediatric dentist ensures your child receives appropriate care in a clinic with experienced staff and child-friendly equipment. We focus on creating meaningful, life long relationships that ensure your child has a healthy attitude towards dentists and dental care. This also helps to avoid the development of phobias that can keep them from receiving proper dental care well into adulthood.

If you would like more information on choosing a pediatric dentist, call Smile Town at (877) 749-9981 or contact us here.