5 Home Remedies For Teething Babies

 Remedies For Teething Babies

If you’re looking to provide immediate pain relief for your teething baby and don’t know what to do, there are a few simple solutions that can help them fall asleep faster. Here are five home remedies for teething babies:

Baby Teething Remedies At Home

  1. A Clean Finger

    The simplest solution is your finger. Make sure you wash your hands, then gently rub your child’s gums.

    You can also have them chew on your finger. Chewing is actually known to provide relief because it distracts the child’s from the pain.

  2. Cold Teaspoon

    Another common home remedy for teething babies is to use a cold teaspoon (It should be chilled in the fridge and not the freezer in order to prevent sticking).

    Gently rub the back of the teaspoon on your baby’s gums. This can also soothe inflamed gums.

  3. Wet Gauze Pad

    A wet gauze pad can provide relief by placing it in between the inner cheek and gum.

  4. Wet Face Cloth

    Simply chill a wet face cloth in the fridge or freezer for just under a half hour then have your child chew on it.

  5. Chilled Food

    Foods like applesauce and yogurt are best.

The Canadian Dental Association does not advise parents and caregivers for a toddler to use painkillers.

If your baby is still in pain, or if their teething is accompanied by a fever, contact a dentist about other baby teething remedies.

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