5 Amazing Ways to Make Going to the Dentist Easier for Your Child

Make Going To The Dentist Easier For Your Child
Going to the dentist can be a scary event for a child. Instead of the benefits, they only know there’s a stranger poking all sorts of strange instruments in their mouth. We have five amazing ways to make going to the dentist easier for children.

Be Careful What You Say

Before you go, make sure you use positive words to describe the dentist. Don’t use “shots” or “drill.” These intimidating words scare children from getting in the chair. Tell them that the dentist is a good person trying to get rid of the sugar bugs  in their mouth. They need to clean the mean sugar bugs off their teeth for the teeth to stay healthy. Tell them the dentist will count their teeth and tickle them. The positive description will have children excited to see what this person that cleans off germs is all about.  Please avoid saying that “it won’t hurt”

Play Pretend Dentist

Take a pretend trip to the dentist. Get a toothbrush and count your child’s teeth as they count along with you. Tell them what you are doing as you go along playing like you are cleaning their teeth. You can even give them a toothbrush to give their stuffed animals a check-up. Once they get to the real dentist, it’ll be an exciting adventure where their pretend time comes to life.

Make It Fun

The dentist should explain to your child what they are doing as they go so they don’t get restless and scared. Sing a little song as you explain each thing the dentist is doing in their mouth. Count their teeth aloud and have them do the same. When the dentist needs to turn on the tooth tickler, do a little dance for them and tell them the bad sugar bugs are being cleaned so their mouth will be happy again.

Don’t Make It A Big Deal

If you stress over the dentist, the odds are, so will your children. Treat the dentist visit as just another duty for them to stay healthy. Talk to them about good oral health and how important it is to clean away the sugar bugs. Explain that their teeth must stay strong and healthy. Don’t show any reservations that may give children the impression that going to the dentist is an option, especially one they may not enjoy. Set the stage for them to know that a trip to the dentist is just to be done regularly.

Bring Toys

Let them pick out their favorite toy so they feel in control as you head out towards the dentist. While you might not be able to play with a toy in the dentist’s chair, you can bring toys into the waiting area and allow your children to play while they wait.

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